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Zixxby - Open Beta - Free 0.1

ScreenShot of Zixxby - Open Beta - Free 0.1 by Honey Badger Studios Zixxby, Open Beta An inovative game of extreme UFO flying and arcade fun! BETA***Zixxby (Game 1) Mined Over Matter***BETA Version 1.00 - Now supports SD card install - Fly Zixxby the alien around by tilting the phone - Shoot by sweeping and flinging your finger over the screen - Destroy all the mines before they hit the orb and fight off the ningrom hordes to free your alien clone brothers! Please note this is the first Beta version of Zixxby so it is completely unpolished, has many bugs and will not work on every device. We want to make sure that when we release it will work on as many phones as possible. So here is what we are looking for: * We want to find out what phones it doesn't work on * If any of the levels are out of place in terms of difficulty * Any crashes you may encounter...
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Angry Frogs 1.7.06

ScreenShot of Angry Frogs 1.7.06 by Emanuele Padula *** More than 4200 levels *** *** WORKS on Samsung GALAXY 2 *** Help frogs to destroy evil snakes!! Need the SDCARD! Version 1.7.06: - Beintoo update - Minor bug fix Version 1.7.05: - Minor bug fix Version 1.7.04: - In App Credits to unlock any level! - Bug Fix Version 1.6.49: - Bug Fix Version 1.6.48: - Bug Fix - Beintoo Missions!! Version 1.6.47: - Now Everything Works with Samsung GALAXY 2 !!! Version 1.6.46: - Bug fix Version 1.6.45: - Fixed another initialization bug ( sorry !) New Version 1.6: - 720 built-in levels - LEVEL EDITOR - Ingame update: to have always the latest levels created!! - All data saved on your phone (disinstallation won't cancel your progress and scores): need the SDCARD - Global and single level highscores - Beintoo: Beintoo transforms your passion for Angry Frogs...
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SHADOWGUN: DeadZone 0.3.0b

ScreenShot of SHADOWGUN: DeadZone 0.3.0b by MADFINGER Games Help us to make Shadowgun: DeadZone better! At the moment, the Beta Version is available only for those with Tegra 3 devices. Please understand that as this is a Beta Version, there are a lot of missing features and content. The purpose of the Beta Version is to polish network code and the basic gameplay experience, as well as to resolve bugs. Also, please note that we are operating on a limited number of servers at the moment, so please don’t get upset if you experience a short wait. Please send your feedback to Thanks from your friends at Madfinger! ------------------------------------------------ The current Version includes: * Four playable characters - Soldier - Mutant - Assassin - Dancer * Two Game Modes - DeathMatch - Zone Control * Two Maps - Assembly...
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xPlan for iPad 3.0.1

ScreenShot of xPlan for iPad 3.0.1 by adnX SARL Project management has never been this easy! BETA VERSION : help us to find issues and bugs of this new version. During the beta period, xPlan 3 is available for only $0.99. Send your bug reports to With xPlan, creating, tracking and managing your projects will be much easier than ever! xPlan is designed to keep track of tasks and calculate a project's cost. If you're not a professional project manager, you probably want something that's easy to learn and inexpensive. Of course, it's got to pump out a professional project management plan too. If you are a professional project manager, you might be tired of trying to train your team to use an expensive and complicated tool. Maybe they just want a simple tool they can use to provide initial requirements and to view your full...
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Extreme Luging 3D BETA 1.0.0

ScreenShot of Extreme Luging 3D BETA 1.0.0 by UnlimitedX It is the first free beta version of Extreme Luging 3D. Take freely the control of a sled over the mountains and try to reach the finish flag!!! It's a pretty awesome game that allows you to have fun! No ads! Features : - free beta version - 11 levels - It's possible to do scores. - 3D physics game with stick man on a sled. - feel the speed (max : 80 meters/seconde) - freedom in all environments and various environnements. - awesome sounds effects - character disarticulable What's planned : - leaderboard with scores and achievements. - More mountains - Customization (luge and character) Tags : luge neige ski pente sled mountain montagne hiver paysage landscape chalet course awesome fun speed adrenaline exiting sensations fortes. glisse et trainau bonhomme de neige et stickman. original gratuit...
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Tank Assault Beta 1.02

ScreenShot of Tank Assault Beta 1.02 by Simple To Play ===Help Improve=== You may email me for any new features. I hope every one enjoy my game^^. ================== You are the commander of a tank. Drive your tank through the dangerous battle field and destroy enemies! Fast paced 2D tank action on android mobile. Destroy anything you see by your cannon! === Features === * 2D graphics * Mission Mode: 5 difficult levels * Survival Mode: unlimited enemies wave * Support for most android mobile. Tablet is NOT tested. * Multitouch D-PAD control OR Accelerometer control * Score submission for survival mode is supported by scoreloop. No registration is required. * MORE LEVELS, WEAPONS, ITEMS AND FEATURES COMING SOON! === Notice === * High end Android device required (Nexus One, Droid, Samsung Galaxy, etc) * Please send bug reports...
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Cosmonauts Beta 1.06

ScreenShot of Cosmonauts Beta 1.06 by Superplay Games **BETA TEST** Play against your friends in this Angry Birds meets Worms space combat game! The beta version of Cosmonauts gives you access to the multiplayer features of the game, allowing you to challenge your friends to epic space battles featuring comical space ships and unique weapons. Take the side of the Soviets or the Aliens, and start down the path towards intergalactic domination! Note that we are testing, so you may experience some game crashes or other bugs. If you do, PLEASE tell us about them! Visit our Facebook page to provide feedback: All items purchased during the beta will persist through retail launch. Don’t worry, you won’t lose anything! Thanks for helping us test our first product! We appreciate your patience. Recent...
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aShell Launcher Homescreen 1.3.2

ScreenShot of aShell Launcher Homescreen 1.3.2 by Digital Mind Development Ltd and MobilityFlow aShell - Android default home screen replacement also known as 'shell' or 'launcher'. BETA version (bugs are possible). It have innovate docking bar with usable calls log, text messages and task manager (under apps button). It also have on-screen settings where you can set for example wallpaper or transition effect and preview it on your screen. aShell is our vision how mobile UI should look. For now it have not all features we want to develop. More new features coming soon, but let us know what you lack right now. Key features: - Base launcher features - Skin in Android 4.0 ICS style - Animated 3D clock widget (weather coming soon) - Innovate dockbar with fast access screens - Calls log (speed dial, call, SMS, add to contacts) - SMS log (quick message, reply, copy, translate) - Task manager...
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Circle Ball HD 0.9.1

ScreenShot of Circle Ball HD 0.9.1 by gch This is an interesting game,the rule is below: 1. Cycle around a ball(or balls with the same color) to get score and time bonus. DO NOT touch any ball. 2. Colorful balls need to be cycled twice. 3. When a prop appears on screen, you must cut it off to gain it. The more you put two or more balls in one cycle, the more often props will appear. There is 20 levels in the Beta version. Now it is just support WVGA800 and WVGA854 screen resolution's device,eg:Milestone(2),Nexus One,Nexus S,X10,I9000 and Desire. Recent changes: v 0.9.1 Beta: When you circled balls add the time your gain. Latest version: 0.9.1 Beta (for all Android versions) User reviews of Circle Ball HD
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AlarmDroid Pro 1.9.20

ScreenShot of AlarmDroid Pro 1.9.20 by Fabian Lueghausen Android «flip'n'snooze» Alarm Clock Application. Makes you wake up in your way! [AlarmDroid is also localized to Bulgarian, Brazilian Portuguese and Greek, even if this can't be displayed in the Android Market] AlarmDroid is a feature-rich alarm clock application. It is created to give every Android-User the opportunity to wake up his(her) own way, not caring about whether he(she) is an early bird or a morning grouch. AlarmDroid's special feature is the flip'n'snooze feature, which allows the user to turn the alarm clock back into snooze mode by turning over the phone. Further, it provides a speaking clock, which does not only announce the time but even the local weather conditions. These and more features are waiting to be discovered by you! Even internet radio stations are ...
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